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The legend of jambi

One upon a time,there lived in sumatra island a very beutiful girl,putri pinang masak.the girl was also a very kind-hearted person.this made everyone liked here so much.many youths and princess from other countries desired her to be his wife.nevertheless,she refused their proposals because she had not wanted to get married yet.
One day,there was a very wealthy king,the king of the east kingdom,coming to here village.he proposed to marry her.putri pinang masak was afaird to refuse the king’s proposal altought she actually did not love the king,the ugly-faced man, at all.she knew that the king would be very angry and there would be a battel if she refused his desire.
Exactly in the midnight,half of the castel was completely done.nevertheless,it look  very beutiful.and when it was nearly dawn,all the work was almost ompletery done.putri pinang masak who had been spying on them all night became desperate.she realized that the condition she proposed to the king wats onlie hare way risfus mary him. And the castle was only decoracting and tidying the wall and the garden, putri pinang masak wan the rooster house. Light to might the rooster crow.
Hearing the crowing of the roosters,the king stopped the workers doing their work.he remembered the agreement that the whole works should be finished before the rooosters crowed.then putri pinang masak ame to meet the king. And the king admitted that he had failed to fulfill the condition,building a castle in one night.then he gave up on his desire to marry  putri pinang masak. Even he handed over his kingdom and all of his wealth to her.
Since then,putri pinang masak became the princess of the east kingdom. And people changed the name of the kingdom into putri pinang masak kingdom. Meanwhile the kings rom java island called it with “jambi kingdom”. The word “Jambi” ame from “jambe” that had equivalent as “pinang”,a kind of small palm fruit.

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